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11月25日-First Missionary Journey/The Jerusalem Conference


第一次宣教旅程/耶路撒冷会议-First Missionary Journey/The Jerusalem Conference

第一次宣教旅程/耶路撒冷会议-First Missionary Journey/The Jerusalem Conference

In order to evangelize more effectively the world outside Judea and Samaria, the Holy Spirit now directs Barnabas and Saul (from this time on referred to as Paul) to set out on a tour of what is known today as Cyprus and central Turkey. Leaving from Antioch in northern Syria and sailing from the port of Seleucia, Paul and Barnabas land at Salamis, on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. After crossing the island to Paphos, they then sail for the region of Pamphylia, on the southern Turkish coast, where they spend some time in the city of Perga. It is here that John Mark, who will later write one of the four Gospel accounts and who has apparently been traveling with them, returns to Jerusalem. Later in the historical record it will be seen that John’s return causes some problems in the relationship between Paul and the young evangelist, but a reconciliation will ultimately prevail.

From Perga, Paul’s group travels to the city of Antioch in the region of Pisidia. Luke records Paul’s sermon there, a sermon that is perhaps representative of Paul’s preaching throughout the entire tour. Similar in some respects to Peter’s sermon on Pentecost, it is principally aimed at Jews who gather in the synagogues on the Sabbath. It recites a history of God’s dealings with the nation of Israel, notes the many prophecies about the coming Messiah, and sets forth Jesus as that resurrected Lord. But Paul is quick to add that even the Gentiles are now recipients of God’s grace.

Thereafter in Antioch, and in the cities of Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe, many Jews and Gentiles believe in Jesus. But certain ones among the Jews who are jealous of Paul’s success stir up the people and instigate persecution against him. Withstanding even stoning, Paul then begins the return trip to Syria. Along the way he will visit the newly established congregations of Christians and appoint elders as spiritual shepherds in each congregation.

The tour through ancient Asia Minor apparently ends somewhere around A.D. 47. Paul and Barnabas probably settle back into concentrated efforts at teaching in the local area, but their respite is not to last for long. By A.D. 48 there is trouble in the church. Certain Jewish Christians from Jerusalem go north to Antioch, teaching the Gentile Christians that they must be circumcised, in addition to being baptized, in order to be obedient to God. To the Jews the rite of circumcision is a sign of the covenant relationship which they have with God, so it is only natural that they should think the same act would be required of Gentile Christians. But their more serious misconception lies in their belief that circumcision is required as part of keeping the Law of Moses. They are not only urging Gentiles to be circumcised, but demanding that they keep the entire law, just as the Jewish Christians are continuing to do.

The problem posed by these so-called “Judaizing teachers” will continue to divide the church in the ensuing years, and it will be a subject for discussion in several of Paul’s later letters. For now, however, the problem is temporarily solved by a conference at Jerusalem in which Paul and Barnabas meet with the apostles and elders. After reviewing the work of the Holy Spirit in leading the way to Gentile evangelism, and after consulting Scripture for prophecy concerning the Gentiles, they all agree that circumcision (and by implication the law itself) is not binding on the Gentiles. This message is sent to Gentile Christians, along with a warning that they avoid certain idolatrous practices common among pagan Gentiles. As a result of this agreement, unity will finally prevail, at least temporarily.

# 使徒行传(ACT)
## 圣灵派巴拿巴和扫罗往外邦传道
[13:1] 在安提阿的教会中有几位先知和教师,就是巴拿巴和称呼尼结的西面、古利奈人路求,与分封之王希律同养的马念,并扫罗。
[13:2] 他们事奉主,禁食的时候,圣灵说:「要为我分派巴拿巴和扫罗,去作我召他们所作的工。」
[13:3] 于是禁食祷告,按手在他们头上,就打发他们去了。
[13:4] 他们既被圣灵差遣,就下到西流基,从那里坐船往居比路去。
[13:5] 到了撒拉米,就在犹太人各会堂里传讲神的道,也有约翰作他们的帮手。
[13:6] 经过全岛,直到帕弗,在那里遇见一个有法术、假充先知的犹太人,名叫巴耶稣。
[13:7] 这人常和方伯士求保罗同在。士求保罗是个通达人,他请了巴拿巴和扫罗来,要听神的道。
## 以吕马敌挡方伯信主因而瞎眼
[13:8] 只是那行法术的以吕马(这名繙出来就是『行法术』的意思)敌挡使徒,要叫方伯不信真道。
[13:9] 扫罗又名保罗,被圣灵充满,定睛看他,
[13:10] 说:「你这充满各样诡诈奸恶,魔鬼的儿子,众善的仇敌,你混乱主的正道还不止住吗?
[13:11] 现在主的手加在你身上,你要瞎眼,暂且不见日光。」他的眼睛立刻昏蒙黑暗,四下里求人拉着手领他。
[13:12] 方伯看见所作的事,很希奇主的道,就信了。
## 称呼马可的约翰离开保罗
[13:13] 保罗和他的同人从帕弗开船,来到旁非利亚的别加,约翰就离开他们,回耶路撒冷去。
[13:14] 他们离了别加往前行,来到彼西底的安提阿,在安息日进会堂坐下。
[13:15] 读完了律法和先知的书,管会堂的叫人过去,对他们说:「二位兄台,若有什么劝勉众人的话,请说。」
## 保罗述说以色列古事
[13:16] 保罗就站起来,举手说:「以色列人和一切敬畏神的人,请听。
[13:17] 这以色列民的神拣选了我们的祖宗,当民寄居埃及的时候,抬举他们,用大能的手领他们出来;
[13:18] 又在旷野容忍他们约有四十年。
[13:19] 既灭了迦南地七族的人,就把那地分给他们为业。
[13:20] 此后,给他们设立士师,约有四百五十年,直到先知撒母耳的时候。
[13:21] 后来他们求一个王,神就将便雅悯支派中基士的儿子扫罗,给他们作王四十年。
[13:22] 既废了扫罗,就选立大卫作他们的王,又为他作见证说:『我寻得耶西的儿子大卫,他是合我心意的人,凡事要遵行我的旨意。』
[13:23] 从这人的后裔中,神已经照着所应许的,为以色列人立了一位救主,就是耶稣。
## 保罗述说耶稣在世的事
[13:24] 在他没有出来以先,约翰向以色列众民宣讲悔改的洗礼。
[13:25] 约翰将行尽他的程途说:『你们以为我是谁?我不是基督;只是有一位在我以后来的,我解他脚上的鞋带也是不配的。』
[13:26] 弟兄们,亚伯拉罕的子孙和你们中间敬畏神的人哪,这救世的道是传给我们的。
[13:27] 耶路撒冷居住的人和他们的官长,因为不认识基督,也不明白每安息日所读众先知的书,就把基督定了死罪,正应了先知的预言。
[13:28] 虽然查不出他有当死的罪来,还是求彼拉多杀他。
[13:29] 既成就了经上指着他所记的一切话,就把他从木头上取下来,放在坟墓里。
[13:30] 神却叫他从死里复活。
[13:31] 那从加利利同他上耶路撒冷的人多日看见他,这些人如今在民间是他的见证。
[13:32] 我们也报好信息给你们,就是那应许祖宗的话,
[13:33] 神已经向我们这作儿女的应验,叫耶稣复活了。正如诗篇第二篇上记着说:『你是我的儿子,我今日生你。』
[13:34] 论到神叫他从死里复活,不再归于朽坏,就这样说:『我必将所应许大卫那圣洁可靠的恩典,赐给你们。』
[13:35] 又有一篇上说:『你必不叫你的圣者见朽坏。』

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