1月1日 - Beginnings Of Early Mankind


今日经文分成两部分:第一部分是【起初-The Beginnin】创世记1章至2章3节 [Gen. 1:1-2:4];第二部分是【亚当和夏娃-Adam and Eve】创世记2章5节至3章 [Gen. 2:5-3:24]。

起初-The Beginning

Is it possible to imagine a time when nothing existed? Take away the brilliance of the sun, for example, and the moon and stars at night. What would life be like without them? Take away the clouds and sky and rivers and oceans. Imagine the earth without any human beings, animals, fish, birds, grass, trees, or plants of any kind. What would it be like with the earth completely bare? Indeed, what would it be like if there were no earth at all, no universe—nothing? Has the universe existed forever? Was there never a time when it had a beginning? Surely it must have had a beginning. But when would that have been? How would it all have happened? What made it happen? For what purpose, if any, did it happen? Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Since recorded history began, men and women of every generation, culture, and place have searched for the answers to those questions. Some say it all happened by chance, without any reason or purpose whatever. But given what appears to be intelligent design and order throughout the universe, an origin by chance seems hard to accept. And life without meaning seems clearly contrary to the very mind which searches for meaning. So what are the answers? Where did I come from, and why am I here? How did it all begin?


[1:1] 起初,神创造天地。

[1:2] 地是空虚混沌,渊面黑暗;神的灵运行在水面上。

[1:3] 神说:「要有光」,就有了光。

[1:4] 神看光是好的,就把光暗分开了。

[1:5] 神称光为「昼」,称暗为「夜」。有晚上,有早晨,这是头一日。

[1:6] 神说:「诸水之间要有空气,将水分为上下。」

[1:7] 神就造出空气,将空气以下的水、空气以上的水分开了。事就这样成了。

[1:8] 神称空气为「天」。有晚上,有早晨,是第二日。

[1:9] 神说:「天下的水要聚在一处,使旱地露出来。」事就这样成了。

[1:10] 神称旱地为「地」,称水的聚处为「海」。神看著是好的。

[1:11] 神说:「地要发生青草和结种子的菜蔬,并结果子的树木,各从其类,果子都包著核。」事就这样成了。

[1:12] 於是地发生了青草和结种子的菜蔬,各从其类;并结果子的树木,各从其类;果子都包著核。神看著是好的。

[1:13] 有晚上,有早晨,是第三日。

[1:14] 神说:「天上要有光体,可以分昼夜,作记号,定节令、日子、年岁,

[1:15] 并要发光在天空,普照在地上。」事就这样成了。

[1:16] 於是神造了两个大光,大的管昼,小的管夜,又造众星,

[1:17] 就把这些光摆列在天空,普照在地上,

[1:18] 管理昼夜,分别明暗。神看著是好的。

[1:19] 有晚上,有早晨,是第四日。

[1:20] 神说:「水要多多滋生有生命的物;要有雀鸟飞在地面以上,天空之中(原文作天空的表面)。」

[1:21] 神就造出大鱼和水中所滋生各样有生命的动物,各从其类;又造出各样飞鸟,各从其类。神看著是好的。

[1:22] 神就赐福给这一切,说:「滋生繁多,充满海中的水;雀鸟也要多生在地上。」

[1:23] 有晚上,有早晨,是第五日。

[1:24] 神说:「地要生出活物来,各从其类;牲畜、昆虫、野兽,各从其类。」事就这样成了。

[1:25] 於是神造出野兽,各从其类;牲畜,各从其类;地上一切昆虫,各从其类。神看著是好的。

[1:26] 神说:「我们要照著我们的形像、按著我们的样式造人,使他们管理海里的鱼、空中的鸟、地上的牲畜,和全地,并地上所爬的一切昆虫。」

[1:27] 神就照著自己的形像造人,乃是照著他的形像造男造女。

[1:28] 神就赐福给他们,又对他们说:「要生养众多,遍满地面,治理这地,也要管理海里的鱼、空中的鸟,和地上各样行动的活物。」

[1:29] 神说:「看哪,我将遍地上一切结种子的菜蔬和一切树上所结有核的果子全赐给你们作食物。

[1:30] 至於地上的走兽和空中的飞鸟,并各样爬在地上有生命的物,我将青草赐给它们作食物。」事就这样成了。

[1:31] 神看著一切所造的都甚好。有晚上,有早晨,是第六日。

[2:1] 天地万物都造齐了。

[2:2] 到第七日,神造物的工已经完毕,就在第七日歇了他一切的工,安息了。

[2:3] 神赐福给第七日,定为圣日;因为在这日,神歇了他一切创造的工,就安息了。

[2:4] 创造天地的来历,在耶和华神造天地的日子,乃是这样,

亚当和夏娃-Adam and Eve

The answer is God. God is the Creator of all things. God existed before the universe came into being, and it was God who made it all happen. What power and majesty must accompany this God! The Genesis account of the beginnings of all things is a revelation which ascribes creation to an all-powerful, all-knowing, and purposeful Supreme Being—a living Creator and spiritual God acting with meaningful deliberation. In documenting the creation of man, the account suggests that God speaks with more than one voice in bringing about his creation. The implication is that there is a fullness to this divine personality, a fullness which will be more completely revealed as the biblical text unfolds. Of even more significance is the statement that, in some way distinctly different from all other creatures, mankind has been created in the very likeness of God. Surely this cannot mean that the likeness is a physical resemblance, since God existed before anything physical came into being. Therefore it probably suggests that, like God, human beings are essentially spiritual beings, having intelligence, moral consciousness, and freedom of choice. Though limited by human form, mankind is given creativity and permitted to exercise a degree of dominion over God’s creation and the lesser creatures within it. What an amazing thought, that mankind, both male and female, should be so honored by the Creator! As if to underscore the significance of mankind’s creation, the Genesis revelation gives a special account of the first man and woman, known as Adam and Eve. Adam is formed first from elements of the earth, as if God, working like a potter, fashions him from a lump of clay. Then Eve is formed from part of Adam’s own body, suggesting a wholeness and unity between man and woman, particularly when the two are joined in the marriage relationship, which is instituted with this first couple. Both Adam and Eve share in the uniqueness of having received a divine inbreathing of God’s Spirit which sets them apart from all other living creatures. They are given dominion over the other creatures and are set in a garden of lush vegetation in a place called Eden, an area associated with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, just east of the Arabian Desert in the Middle East. Here in Eden, Adam and Eve live in a time of innocence until both are tempted by a serpent to eat of a particular fruit which God has forbidden them to touch or taste. Although a complete explanation is lacking, it appears that the serpent is being used on this occasion by Satan, or the Devil, who will subsequently be identified as God’s adversary in the spirit realm and the great Tempter of mankind to do evil. The effect of Adam and Eve’s disobedience to God is a new acquaintance with sin and the reality of punishment. Their sin not only produces feelings of shame, fear, and blame but also results in more specific consequences to all mankind, who will be seen in each subsequent generation to participate in their own disobedience to God’s will. The ultimate punishment, as far as Adam and Eve are personally concerned, is banishment from the garden, with all its ease and pleasure. They, like all generations thereafter, must face the hardships and struggles which life on the earth imposes.

Smith, F. LaGard. The Daily Bible® - In Chronological Order (NIV®) . Harvest House Publishers. Kindle 版本.


[2:5] 野地还没有草木,田间的菜蔬还没有长起来;因为耶和华神还没有降雨在地上,也没有人耕地,

[2:6] 但有雾气从地上腾,滋润遍地。

[2:7] 耶和华神用地上的尘土造人,将生气吹在他鼻孔里,他就成了有灵的活人,名叫亚当。

[2:8] 耶和华神在东方的伊甸立了一个园子,把所造的人安置在那里。

[2:9] 耶和华神使各样的树从地里长出来,可以悦人的眼目,其上的果子好作食物。园子当中又有生命树和分别善恶的树。

[2:10] 有河从伊甸流出来,滋润那园子,从那里分为四道:

[2:11] 第一道名叫比逊,就是环绕哈腓拉全地的。在那里有金子,

[2:12] 并且那地的金子是好的;在那里又有珍珠和红玛瑙。

[2:13] 第二道河名叫基训,就是环绕古实全地的。

[2:14] 第三道河名叫底格里斯,流在亚述的东边。第四道河就是幼发拉底河。

[2:15] 耶和华神将那人安置在伊甸园,使他修理,看守。

[2:16] 耶和华神吩咐他说:「园中各样树上的果子,你可以随意吃,

[2:17] 只是分别善恶树上的果子,你不可吃,因为你吃的日子必定死!」

[2:18] 耶和华神说:「那人独居不好,我要为他造一个配偶帮助他。」

[2:19] 耶和华神用土所造成的野地各样走兽和空中各样飞鸟都带到那人面前,看他叫甚么。那人怎样叫各样的活物,那就是它的名字。

[2:20] 那人便给一切牲畜和空中飞鸟、野地走兽都起了名;只是那人没有遇见配偶帮助他。

[2:21] 耶和华神使他沉睡,他就睡了;於是取下他的一条肋骨,又把肉合起来。

[2:22] 耶和华神就用那人身上所取的肋骨造成一个女人,领她到那人跟前。

[2:23] 那人说:这是我骨中的骨,肉中的肉,可以称她为「女人」,因为她是从「男人」身上取出来的。

[2:24] 因此,人要离开父母,与妻子连合,二人成为一体。

[2:25] 当时夫妻二人赤身露体,并不羞耻。


[3:1] 耶和华神所造的,惟有蛇比田野一切的活物更狡猾。蛇对女人说:「神岂是真说不许你们吃园中所有树上的果子吗?」

[3:2] 女人对蛇说:「园中树上的果子,我们可以吃,

[3:3] 惟有园当中那棵树上的果子,神曾说:『你们不可吃,也不可摸,免得你们死。』」

[3:4] 蛇对女人说:「你们不一定死;

[3:5] 因为神知道,你们吃的日子眼睛就明亮了,你们便如神能知道善恶。」

[3:6] 於是女人见那棵树的果子好作食物,也悦人的眼目,且是可喜爱的,能使人有智慧,就摘下果子来吃了,又给她丈夫,她丈夫也吃了。

[3:7] 他们二人的眼睛就明亮了,才知道自己是赤身露体,便拿无花果树的叶子为自己编做裙子。

[3:8] 天起了凉风,耶和华神在园中行走。那人和他妻子听见神的声音,就藏在园里的树木中,躲避耶和华神的面。

[3:9] 耶和华神呼唤那人,对他说:「你在哪里?」

[3:10] 他说:「我在园中听见你的声音,我就害怕;因为我赤身露体,我便藏了。」

[3:11] 耶和华说:「谁告诉你赤身露体呢?莫非你吃了我吩咐你不可吃的那树上的果子吗?」

[3:12] 那人说:「你所赐给我、与我同居的女人,她把那树上的果子给我,我就吃了。」

[3:13] 耶和华神对女人说:「你做的是甚么事呢?」女人说:「那蛇引诱我,我就吃了。」

[3:14] 耶和华神对蛇说:你既做了这事,就必受咒诅,比一切的牲畜野兽更甚。你必用肚子行走,终身吃土。

[3:15] 我又要叫你和女人彼此为仇;你的后裔和女人的后裔也彼此为仇。女人的后裔要伤你的头;你要伤他的脚跟。

[3:16] 又对女人说:我必多多加增你怀胎的苦楚;你生产儿女必多受苦楚。你必恋慕你丈夫;你丈夫必管辖你。

[3:17] 又对亚当说:你既听从妻子的话,吃了我所吩咐你不可吃的那树上的果子,地必为你的缘故受咒诅;你必终身劳苦才能从地里得吃的。

[3:18] 地必给你长出荆棘和蒺藜来;你也要吃田间的菜蔬。

[3:19] 你必汗流满面才得糊口,直到你归了土,因为你是从土而出的。你本是尘土,仍要归於尘土。

[3:20] 亚当给他妻子起名叫夏娃,因为她是众生之母。

[3:21] 耶和华神为亚当和他妻子用皮子做衣服给他们穿。

[3:22] 耶和华神说:「那人已经与我们相似,能知道善恶;现在恐怕他伸手又摘生命树的果子吃,就永远活著。」

[3:23] 耶和华神便打发他出伊甸园去,耕种他所自出之土。

[3:24] 於是把他赶出去了;又在伊甸园的东边安设基路伯和四面转动发火焰的剑,要把守生命树的道路。

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